HT Series™ Snow Plow

The Right Snow Plow for Your Half-Ton Truck

As half-ton pick-ups become lighter, truck owners struggle to find a rugged, hard-working snow plow that meets weight requirements. The HT Series is full-sized, full-featured and made just for light commercial and residential use with today’s lighter half-ton pickups.


  • Brand: Fisher
  • Additional Features:

    Blade Width: 7′ 6″
    Blade Height: 27″
    Blade Gauge: 14
    Trip Springs: 2
    Ribs: 6 + Tube
    Angling Rams: 1½” x 8″
    Plowing Width (Full Angle): 6′ 7″
    Approx. Weight: 414 lb
    Wear Shoes: Optional

    Cutting Edge:

    3/8″ x 6″ steel
    1/2″ x 6″ steel
    1″ x 6″ poly

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