Low Profile Tailgate Spreaders

Low Profile Tailgate Spreader

For the ultimate in convenience and performance, this line of Low Profile Tailgate Spreaders provides a clear view from the cab. Low Profile Spreaders are ideal for spreading #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and other de-icing materials. So when you’ve got slippery driveways and parking lots to control, and you don’t want bulky spreaders blocking the view, the difference is clear with FISHER.

  • Brand: Fisher
  • Additional Features:

    Model: 500 – 2500
    Hopper Construction: Polyethylene
    Capacity: 5 cu ft – 8.5 cu ft
    Dimensions L x W x H: 21″ x 39″ x 34″ – 25″ x 50″ x 42″
    Approx. Weight (empty): 75 lb with mount – 131 lb with mount
    Motor: 1/3 HP
    Spinner Size: 10″ – 15″
    Spreading Width: 3′ – 30′
    Materials: Salt
    Vehicle Application: Vehicles with Class III hitch (Model 500) Full Size Trucks (Model 1000 – 2500)

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