POLY-CASTER LT™ Hopper Spreader

1/2 Cubic Yard Poly Hopper Spreaders for UTVs and Pickups

Have limited spreading needs, but still want to get the job done right? The FISHER® POLY-CASTER LT™ 1/2 Cubic Yard Poly Hopper Spreader provides professional spreader performance in a compact package, perfect for smaller area spreading needs. The POLY-CASTER LT Hopper Spreader is designed to spread a 50/50 sand/salt mix or bulk salt.

  • Brand: Fisher
  • Additional Features:

    Model: 5½’
    Hopper Construction: Polyethylene
    Capacity: 1/2 cu. yd. 1080 lb.
    Dimensions L x W x H: 77″ x 48½” x 27″ (overall), 58″ x 34″ x 27″ (at floor), 66″ x 48½” x 27″ (hopper)
    Approx. Weight (empty): 386 lb.
    Motor: Electric auger motor & electric spinner motor
    Spinner Size: 12″
    Spreading Width: Up to 40′
    Materials: Bulk Salt or 50/50 Sand/Salt mix
    Vehicle Application: UTV’s and Pickup Trucks

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